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Air services

LLC "ATR" provides services in the organization of air cargo delivery. We deliver export cargoes to Kurumoch airport.

Having contractual relations with air companies and their agents, we can arrange transportation across Russia, from Russia or to Russia and all over the world.

The most regular routes for air delivery from airports in China, Korea to Samara airport, with the registration of "transit" at Moscow airports.

The undeniable advantage of air transportation is the high speed of delivery to the destination.

Air freight itself takes no more than a day, however, cargo preparation, docking of flights, transshipment, transit registration can take several days.

An additional advantage of air transportation is guarantee of safety of cargo in comparison with other modes of transport.

Unfortunately, air delivery has its own disadvantages, the main of which is the cost. The second most important is the limited size of the cargo package by the dimensions of cargo hatchways of the aircraft.

To calculate the cost of delivery, please contact the manager or send a message.