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Organization of cargo transportation by rail,calculation of ratesfor transportation by rail

IsaevaLubov icq 494332102 Skype: isaeva163,e-mail: isaeva@a-t-r.ru ,t/f: +7 (8482) 21 50 84

Organization of cargo transportation by truck / by air

Misbahova Alisa icq 391010932 ,Skype:atr-tlt, e-mail:logist2@a-t-r.ru,

t/f: +7 (8482) 21 50 88

Organization of cargo transportation by sea / river transport

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t/f: +7 (8482) 21 50 84

Other services can be ordered by contacting us by phone(8482) 21-50-84 (88) or by sendinga request toe-mail: dedov@a-t-r.ru


• Delivery of cargo from door to door, including arrangement of multi-modal carriages;

• Logistics.Calculation of delivery costs. The choice of transport schemes.

• Analysis of transport conditions of foreign trade contracts.

• Organization of projects by transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.

• Organization of transportation ofgroupage cargoes (export / import / RF).

• Organization of container carriages all over the world.

• Escort and security of cargoes.

• Insurance of cargoes during transportation.

•Formalization of necessary transport documents.

• Informing the client about the process of transportation.

• Warehousing, storage, consolidation of goods.

• Organization of loading and unloading.

• Organization of customs clearance of goods.

• Survey services.

• Chartering of vessels and tonnage.

• Organization of cargoes transshipment in sea and river ports.

• Development, agreement and approval of the drawings loading.

• Formalization of permissions for transportation off-gauge cargoes.