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Rail transportation

"ATR".,LLC has a direct contract with the Kuybyshev railway and could be the Consignor/Consignee/Payer by any station of Kuibyshev railway. Provides a full range of services for carriage by railway, including oversized cargo.  Read more









Road transport

Our company offers a very wide range of services for transportation of various cargoes by auto transport on the territory of Russia, CIS, Turkey and Europe.

 We can provide you with the necessary transport suitable for your shipment or organize the transportation of groupage cargoes. We can arrange the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. Read more




Sea / River transportation

"ATR".,LLC has a great experience in chartering and organization of cargo transportation by water. Arranges acceptance, handling, transshipment and loading of cargo at sea and river ports. Cargo transportation by vessels of type "River-Sea", chartering of vessels and tonnage for sea shipping. Read more



Container transportation

Container shipping is effective, simple and versatile. Depending on the transport task "ATR".,LLC arranges the delivery of cargoes in 20-, 40-, 45-foot containers. Read more



Oversized / heavy cargo

Transportation of oversized cargoes is the most difficult type of transportation. It requires specialized, technically advanced equipment, the availability of the necessary permits,preliminary approval, escort of cargo, if required, also qualified specialists and many other conditions and rules in compliance with which the transportation of oversized cargoes must be held. Read more