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Rail transportation

Rail transportation - trucking kind of service which is quite inexpensive, highly reliable and relatively quick way of transporting cargo to the destination. Especially beneficial this type of transportation is in a situation where you need to carry the goods by land on a fairly long distances, for example, on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Forwarding Company  "Agency Transport Resolutions" L.L.C. ("ATR")  is pleased to offer all its customers the widest range of rail traffic for different types of cargo. We carry all general cargo, including different equipment, furniture, construction materials, automobiles, special equipment, container. If you decide to go to our company, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price of rail transport.

The range of rail transport services provided by the company "ATR" includes:

- The transport of containers across the territory of Russia, CIS countries and Europe;
- Submission to the loading of containers of various types and capacity;
- Supply of containers for loading and unloading;
- Services for the provision of railway rolling stock for the transport of a variety of goods;
- Cargo handling at the train;
- Consignor and consignee services by rail;
- Charting the loading and securing of the cargo and its approval in the Railways;
- Timely provision of information on the whereabouts of cargo;
- Implementation of the containers.

Also, rail transport carry outsize cargo!

Rail transportation of non-standard and oversize cargo company "Agency transport solutions" organized with the help of railway platforms, open wagons and transporters equipped with very reliable mechanisms for fixing.

We provide a full service of transportation of non-standard and oversize cargo railway lines, from his inspection, design drawings for conditions of loading, securing cargo in railway transport, matching it to the Russian Railways, loading, securing and sending the consignment to the consignee.

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