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Preparation of cargo for shipment

Before transportation of cargo, it is necessary to carry out preparation of cargo for shipment the "ATR".,LLC." Company will do the job efficiently and reliably.Staff of our company consists of qualified professionals who carefully approach to their work.

There are certain standards for each product. That’s why it is better not to engage the preparation of cargo for transportation independently, but to entrust this work to professionals. This will ensure maximum reliability, security and safety. This process involves a range of activities:

• bringing of the goods into the transportable state;
• packing with enlargement of the packages;
• marking;
• weighing; 

•inspection by sanitary and quarantine, veterinary inspections and by other control authorities (which are required for some types of goods).

Each of these items is very important in the process of preparation cargo for transportation.

If you value your time and effort, trust the execution of work reliable freight forwarding company "ATR".,LLC." We are always ready to help and offer favorable conditions of cooperation. Learn more about our services You can call the telephone number listed in the Contact section.