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Do I need to insure the cargo for the period of transportation?
Each shipper decides this himself, but it is always worth noting that according to the letter of the law: "The carrier is not responsible for damage or loss of cargo resulting from force majeure, embezzlement, fire and other circumstances that have arisen not through his own fault and his fault Workers ".
We always draw the attention of our customers in sea / river transport to the risks associated with a general or private accident. In the case of which "expenses attributable to a general accident are distributed among all participants in the transport in proportion to the value of the vessel, cargo or freight". For example: a fire broke out on the ship, the ship gave the SOS signal, the rescue costs of the ship and cargo, rescuers will be exposed to the shipowners and cargo owners. From our practice such "not provided" expenses can make 30 -50% from cost of the goods. And according to the CAP79 Convention, up to 100% of the value of the vessel and cargo.
As part of the forwarding agreement, ATR LLC offers its customers cargo insurance services to protect against unforeseen problems that may arise during transportation. At the request of the client, our specialists carry out all necessary operations to conclude a cargo insurance contract "with responsibility for all risks" or "partial responsibility".
To protect the interests of our customers, ATR LLC annually insures the civil liability of the freight forwarder. "Property interests of the freight forwarder are insured, connected with his duty in the order established by the legislation, to compensate for the harm inflicted to third parties in the process of carrying out activities as a forwarder". The total limit of liability for the policy is 2,550,000 rubles.
To calculate the rate and terms of insurance, please contact our staff.