Car cargo transportation in Russia and overseas ;
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Delivery of cargoes by trucks is one of the most convenient and economical kind of transportation.

The main advantages of transportation by trucks is the speed of delivery from the seller to the buyer or "from door - to-door"; high level of control over the location of the vehicle in the delivery process;personalization of responsibility for each cargo.

The"ATR".LLCcompany quickly and reliably arrangestransportation for Russian and international trucking. 

The main types of transportation by trucks:   

Road transportation of cargo includes the following types:

1) Auto transportation by trucks with different load capacity and fully loaded vehicle;

2) Transportation of groupage and passing cargoes;

3) Transportation of oversized cargoes;

4)Transportation of heavyweight cargoes;

5) Transportation of customs cargoes;
6) Transportation of dangerous cargoes;

7) Container transportation;
8)Transportation of passenger cars by car transporters;

The "ATR" LLC carries out cargo transportation to the following regions of Russian Federation: Central, Northwestern, Southern, Ural, Siberian and far Eastern Federal district.

The main directions of International transportation:
- Europe;
- Turkey;
- The CIS countries ( Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan)
  The company carries out regular trips to Uzbekistan, Nukus.

The responsibility of The "ATR" LLC as the forwarder is insured. In accordance with the application of the Client the cargo could be insured from certain or all risks.

If you decide to use our services and order the freight, submit a request and our specialists will contact you and will develop an optimal variant of delivery of your cargo.

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