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"ATR".,LLC has been successfully operating in the market of forwarding and transportation, offers servicesof multi-modal logistics and international freight .All of our staff  has the great experience in forwarding and conducting of major projects by transportation of cargoes “from door to door”, including the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

Considering the increasing requirements of the market of international cargo transportation, "ATR",LLC is always glad to offer the customers full range of services for  delivery of cargoes “from door to door”, including any necessary services related the carriage of cargoes (loading / unloading, warehousing, packing, securing, marking, survey, insurance of any transported cargoes, design of loading drawings and securing of cargo on railway transport, etc.).Through an extensive network of reliable partners "ATR".,LLC  arranges transportation of cargo in Russia and all over the world, offers all  customers the widest range of services, high level of service.

In Togliatti our firm is located at the intersection of rail, truck and water routes. It allows us successfully combine different modes of transport for a convenient and quick delivery of any cargoes between Europe and Asia."ATR".,LLC guarantees the best combination of quality and good price for delivery of cargoes.

Our company offers the following transport services:

• Multimodal transportation of cargoes "from door to door".

• Transport logistics. Calculation of delivery costs. The choice of transport schemes.

• Analysis of transport conditions of foreign trade contracts

• Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes.

• Transportation of cargoes by auto transport on the territory of Russia, CIS, and Europe

• Services of transportation of groupage cargoes on the territory of Russia and to the other countries

• Organization of container carriages all over the world

• Insurance of cargoes during transportation.

• Formalization of necessary transport documents.

• Informing the client about the process of transportation.

• Transportation of cargoes by rail.

• Development, agreement and approval of the drawings loading.

• Logistic platform

• Delivery of cargoes by air around the country and the world.

• Warehousing, storage, consolidation of goods.

• Organization of loading and unloading.

• Survey services.

• Organization of customs clearance of goods.

• Chartering of vessels and tonnage.

• Organization of cargoes transshipment in sea and river ports.

Contact a freight forwarding company"ATR".,LLC." We are always ready for a productive long-term cooperation with your company!

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